provides accurate datasets for in vivo human clinical, including absorption, metabolism and distribution.  We also offer corresponding in vitro data for these parameters including Caco-2, MDCK, Rabbit Intestinal Permeability, Human Hepatocyte, Protein Binding, and Blood/Plasma Partitioning.

What is included with the purchase of datasets?

Data sets are delivered with:

  1. Compound names
  2. Compound structures
  3. Excel spreadsheet with summary results 
  4. Spreadsheets with all raw data
  5. Complete study protocols
  6. Complete bioanalytical assay protocols / validation



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Data sets come with a non-exclusive non-transferrable license to use the data for internal purposes.  Our licenses are designed to be perpetual and can be paid as a single payment or over an agreed period of time.  

Unless specified in the license agreement, data may not be shared with other companies or as part of consortia collaborations and may not be used in publications without the permission of G2 Research.  

If you have special circumstances, or interesting applications for our technology, contact us and we can work with you to create an agreement for your situation.


Models, Tools and Patents License

iDEA™ and iDEA pkExpress™ models, the tools used to build the models, programming code and applicable patents will be licensable at a later date, or contact us to discuss your needs.