MDCK Permeability


The assay was designed to measure directional MDCK permeability of test compounds as a model for Blood/Brain Barrier, although this data can be used for other applications. 

The permeability assay for MDCK cells was conducted on a smaller set of 38 compounds using both MDCK-MDR and MDCK-II cells.  Studies measured A/B and B/A permeation rates in both cell types.

15 of the compounds were run in multiple assays (different dates and cell groups) for both cell types to examine variability of the assay.

All of the described data is included in this database.


List of Compounds

A list of compounds in this dataset can be found here.   

In addition to the summary of results, this database includes all of the assay data for each compound. An example Excel file of this data can be found here.