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Collaborative Drug Discovery

Streamline drug discovery with CDD’s collaborative, web-based software.The CDD Vault is a web application for intelligent data management and secure collaboration. CDD offers an industrial-strength database at a price affordable to academic laboratories, research foundations, and companies of any size.


PK/ADME Consulting LLC 

Founded on the principle that success is derived from delivering high quality service while being responsible, flexible, and innovative. Our goal is to accelerate and reduce the cost of drug development in the most responsive manner.



Version control powered by Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere is the Best Source of Data Sets for ADME Model Development offers data calculated from assay results and contains over 9500 data points on more than 500 different compounds

Available data types are listed on the right.  This list will continue to grow as we bring additional data types online.

Complete global catalog of data available

Click here to get a global overview of available data.  This file is a single page .pdf so you will need to zoom in several times to view the text.

Data Format

Datasets are provided in Excel format.  It is like receiving the results from your own laboratory.  We deliver a table of calculated numbers for each assay, and also provide all the raw data and calculation and methods and validation data.

The complete database consists of 597 compounds with 20 data types and contains 9,543 summarized (calculated from assay results) data points.  Raw data for the assay results shows exactly how the final values were calculated and allows recalculation of the supplied assay result, if desired. 


Here are links to some data examples

raw data - caco2 atenolol caco2 raw data example.xls

raw data - solubility data example

raw data - human hepatocytes Acetominophen metabolism sample

raw data - microsomes microsome-s9 assay - acebutolol.pdf

Cyp data - assay example

Human clinical data - example

In vivo rat data Rat PK summary-Gancyclovir