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Collaborative Drug Discovery

Streamline drug discovery with CDD’s collaborative, web-based software.The CDD Vault is a web application for intelligent data management and secure collaboration. CDD offers an industrial-strength database at a price affordable to academic laboratories, research foundations, and companies of any size.


PK/ADME Consulting LLC 

Founded on the principle that success is derived from delivering high quality service while being responsible, flexible, and innovative. Our goal is to accelerate and reduce the cost of drug development in the most responsive manner.



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Our Mission 

 To provide unique enabling technology to accelerate the rate of drug discovery and development through the synergistic relationships between chemistry, cell biology, pharmacology, and computer science.
 To help decrease the need to use animals in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research, by developing superior in-vitro systems and models to replace their inefficient and expensive in-vivo animal equivalents.

Company History

Prior to G2 Research these models and the related data were developed at NaviCyte Inc., which was acquired by Trega Biosciences. Trega was in turn acquired by LION bioscience.  

When LION bioscience ceased operations as an informatics company, G2 Research acquired the exclusive rights to the patents, data, models and tools used in building and validating the ADME predictive models first developed by NaviCyte. 

We are now offering these assets to those who wish to develop ADME models or to enhance existing models by using our models, our databases, or our tools for model development.

If you have questions about any of the assets which are not yet offered on this site, please contact us.


Company Contact:

G2 Research
PO Box 1242
Tahoe CityCalifornia 96145


Phone: 754-444-ADME (754-444-2363)