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Compound lists and global catalog added

There are no new data types added to the site yet. Instead, we have focused on making the description of the data types that we have better. To help you understand the breadth of data available for a particular assay we have now posted lists of the compounds that are included in that assays database. There is a link in the Facts section of each data type (left side of the page) to the list of compounds. Hopefully this will help take the mystery out of what each database contains and make it easier to decide if it is data that can be valuable to you.

As an example, here is the link to the Compound list for Caco-2

In addition, we have added a link to a global catalog of the database. This will let you see the various data types at a glance and will give an indication of how many compounds have data for different assays. For example, you can see how many compounds have data for both Caco-2 and hepatocyte assays.

A link to that document can be found on the Dataset page or here. This file is a single page .pdf so you will need to zoom in several times to view the text.

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